Why This Is The Greatest Discovery In All of History!    

                 Discussion:     Why Is This The Greatest Discovery Ever. . .  contrary to intuitionimmediately after The Flood of Noah the earth's mantle and the earth itself began to expand because of all the heat and pressure of the flood waters, and a giant bubble-like dome was formed by the mantle. As this great dome expanded, North and South America began to move as if sliding down a hill. Without being able to previously identify this mechanism, many geologists in favor of 'the expanding earth' have nevertheless maintained that both North and South America moved a great distanceSome say North and South America moved 3,000 milesOthers claim that there was an earthquake that caused these continents to begin moving like a pendulum,' while others who study the earth say that no earthquake could cause such a movement to occur
         What really happened?  James Wood and Alex Guth explain how the earth's mantle can release tremendous pillars of heat, and the intense heat forms a massive plume. The plume(s) comes up from the mantle. This is described in "East Africa's Great Rift Valley: A Complex Rift System." In their web page James Wood and Alex Guth explain how the plume comes up from deep within the earth, and upon reaching the earth surface, it causes a 'gigantic bulge' or 'a
large dome' to be formed. Sand and other materials rapidly turn into a "plastic" state, and the intense heat begins moving on a lateral basis, causing the dome to grow larger and larger wherever it is located on the ocean floor! The key factor in this is that we must ask, 'how big can such a new dome as this become?" Secondly, the all important fact is that prior to the flood, the earth did not have any massive oceans(I.e., to see proofs and/or more information on this, go to the very top of this page and click on "Get The Facts.")  Therefore, since there were no major oceans prior to the Flood of Noah these facts can only mean that at first those vast areas that became the ocean floors, were actually uplifted when the mantle and the earth's new surface areas began to expanded! In other words, the newly emerging and expanding of the super-heated surface areas. . . (i.e., be sure to see proofs and/or more information.  Go to the very top of this page and click on "Get The Facts.") and at the same time this also resulted in the uplifting of the newly expanding surface areas! And when, or as soon as the time came when these dome-like areas collapsed, they rapidly turned into the massive depressions, which rapidly grew to hold more and more of the flood waters, and this is what caused the major oceans of this world!
       How big can domes like this become? The web page noted above reports on the initial finding that a great bubble-like dome had at one time uplifted both Africa and South America, all together. That is, both of these absolutely enormous continents were uplifted at the same time!  More importantly, the facts of the uplift were yet on the minds of the common porters and natives in both North and South America. which also showed thst the incredible uplift "DID NOT and ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED millions of years in the past!"  McKay's finding and identifying the pre-flood location of South America is a direct confirmation of the fact that a gigantic bulge or a tremendous dome-like area had very recently "emerged from under the earth's surface!"
In order to uplift both South America and North America the area affected had to expand to the point of being larger than the earth itself!  In other words, based on the foregoing facts we now know that the dome or bubble(s) was so absolutely tremendous in size - because it was a direct result of the intense heat and pressure being released from 'a rapidly expanding mantle!'
      As for other effects that took place, geologists have ALSO confirmed that concurrent with the oceans forming, ALL the highest mountains in the world were also uplifted into place, ALL at the same time. Therefore, the uplifting of both Africa and South America was due to the mantle heat moving up and rapidly expanding the newly introduced surface area(s).
      Moreover, the very rapidly expanding mantle not only explains the expanding of the earth! It also explains what caused the emergence of all the highest mountains at every location wherever they now stand, all around the entire world! 
     "The cliff-like walls of the valley appeared fresh and comparatively weathered. I was unable to resist the impression that they had been formed very recently, and that the entire valley floow had subsided from the level of the plateau in one enormous piece, like a 'lift.' (i.e., a 'lift' is used in England, in place of the term 'elevator.' The elevator in this case is. . .  ) "30 miles across going down a gigantic 'lift shaft.'  There is approximately what happened not just here."  Colin Willock first saw The Great Rift Valley, thirty miles from the city of Kenya. He writes, "I came suddenly without any warning to the top of a gigantic chasm. The scrub-covered slope fell away almost vertically in front of me. Spread out 2,0900 feet below was an immense yellow plain, stretching into the distance. Thirty miles away, blue in the haze, I could see another almost vertical wall, very similar to the one on which I stood, rising to the same height. The whole landscape was so regular, so continuous, that it appeared almost un-natural. On either side of me, the valley wall stretched north and south in a straight line as far as the eye could see - and the distant wall did the same."  In addition, when anyone looks down into the Great Rift Valley in Africa, "there are very few straight lines, let alone parallel straight lines in nature," the author says. "Yet as anyone looking down into the trench (of the Great Rift Valley) would realize," he writes in the opening page of America's Rift Valley, (by Colin Willock and the Editors of Time-Life Books,) "only the most powerful forces of nature could have created a trench so colossal in size." Willock is describing what "approximately happened, not just here," he writes, "but over thousands of miles to the north and the southOver the last 20 million years, (strike that!) very recently in geological time - global disturbances (as due to the Earth Expanding,) tore at the continental masses of the Middle East and Africa and created a great scar down one-sixth of the earth's circumference."
         What in the world happened? Willock also writes on page 17, "The Old testament also describes an event which may have occurred at the same time when the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah now thought by archaeologists to have been situated just south of the Dead Sea, in line with the Rift, were destroyed by "fire and brimstone." (And he also explains that. . .) the natives of Ujiji - where the explorier Livingstone mad his base before his discovery of Lake Nyasa in 1859 - (the natives of Ujiji) tell long-ago stories about the African part of the Rift, where a great flood is said to have inundated plains rich in game and cattle, so forming Lake Tanganyika."     

        AS ANOTHER INCREDIBLE MODERN-DAY PROOF - WE DO HAVE the same bubble-like dome on a smaller scale, as having caused the massive Sumatran-Andaman earthquake and tsunami that emerged in 2004! To be specific, the same type of mechanism was involved, and just such a great amount of heat was generated that we now know that the dome or "bubble" also came up from within the earth's mantle!  The key consideration in regard to this massive tsunami is that in this case . . .  the uplifted ocean floor covered an area which scientists report as being  (Quote)  "thousands of square miles," (Quote) "along a line on the ocean floor that was 750 miles long!" The average height of the uplift was 40 meters. It was not just in one spot, however.  When this massive dome was uplifted, when it abruptly fell and/or 'caved in,' all this activity was recorded on both of the GRACE satellite computers, and both satellites recorded that this is how the giant Sumatran tsunami was formed!  Thousands of square miles were involved in the earthquake, along a line on the ocean floor that was 750 miles long -
so take a look at this!                            
      (These illustrations should emerge, in the middle of the page.) The point is, there really are massive domes or bubbles which cover thousands of square miles - and they do form at times on the ocean floor! Such a thing does actually happen! The two GRACE satellites that recorded these events when they were flying over, also included make recordings of the density and other surface changes of the earth! So it is that there was a gigantic dome that actually happened IN OUR OWN MODERN DAY AND TIME! Just to straighten out everyone's thinking on this, it must be pointed out once and for all, this means that almost every tsunami which has ever emerged, has been caused by the falling of a dome or gigant-bubble like structure, and the falling of the dome or bubble like structure is also what caused the earthquake. (I.e., that is, in the past scientists often claimed that it was a large earthquake or a massive underwater avalanche which formed the tsunami - but now we know!  The earthquake(s) had actually came from the collapse of the large dome or bubble. Hence, this detail alone all but tells the entire story as to why each of the initial ocean basins is NEW and why none of the oceans hardly have any sediments or no sediments at all! Another mistaken concept is that of supposing the oceans to be millions of years old.  Because scientists had thought of the oceans as being millions and millions of years old, they also thoug that there would be hundreds of thousands of feet of ancient sediments covering the ocean floors!  But there is no such massive amounts of sediments, and we now know this is because the oceans DID NOT TAKE MILLIONS OF YEARS TO FORM.  In other words the logic was all wrong, and we also know that the mountains ARE NOT MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD by any stretch of the imagination! Instead of each tsunami taking "millions of years" to form, they have actually been far more recent(!) as caused by or the result of great domes, and/or even a series of domes, that rapidly fell and thereby produced "massive indents" along the otherwise uniform surface of this earth!
        Hence, they, meaning 'the oceans' of this world were formed in the same way - and this explains why the ocean floors are noticeably, very, very thin, with little or no sediments!  AND, that also tells us that when the massive dome or bubble began to fall, it was when the world was covered with a great flood! That is, all this really happened at the time of the great Flood of Noah.  (For proofs and more information about domes of this nature, please click on "Phase Shift" at the very top of this page, or go to . . .   “Satellite Data Reveals Gravity Change From Sumatran Earthquake,”  www.080620006-sciencedaily

      "The Oracles of God."  What I am attempting to tell you is that what you are reading and looking at here is not just some grand idea of mineWhat I am telling you is that in my opinion, these are "The Oracles of God," and I don’t want you to miss this all important pointI am writing this because of the fact that it was after I had prayed to The Lord God Almighty on that particular day. . .   then the Lord led me to open a large Atlas.  It contained some underwater maps of the ocean floorsAfter making their own investigation, The Hindu, Online edition of India's National Newspaper published an article on Thursday, December 22, 2005.  It was titled, "Tsunami: role of mega thrust confirmed." (see http:www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/08/060804135910.htm ).  They reported: "The 40-feet vertical displacement of the seafloor runs for a length of 750 miles!  (See notes included with the illustration below.)  
      The Illustration above shows where Africa was located along what is now the east coast of North America all the way down to Florida!  After being discovered, the position of the "fit" between North America and Africa was first appeared as published by Scientific American in 1976
The Great African Rift Valley is not shown in this illustration - but since Africa has been found to have been located in this position prior to the flood, then of course what is know as "Pangaea" had to belong to a much smaller planet.   A much smaller earth with North America adjacent to Africa is show as an ocean-less continent, and the "blue lines" are the "ancient channels" of the Earth.  This geometrical figure is known as an "Octahederal."  If you take the cone shaped figure of a Dixie Cup and fold the sides into four equal parts, this will result in the bottom half of an octrahedral.  In other words, it shows the bottom half of the world - before there was any Pacific, or any Atlantic or Indian Oceans!  Note: this is very accurately shown on page 254 in the book Scientific Research Proves Evolution Hoax, by Bruce D McKay, Elijah. (published by Authorhouse, in 2006.)

        If you find this hard to believe, as if it is all too impossible, read what was written by Ursula B Marvin of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.  The following details are from her book titled Continental Drift, The Evolution of A Concept, (1972) Page 139.  Read this with great care because what it means is that the Pacific Ocean floor is so thin, because it was formed very rapidly, which also shows all the ocean floors "about the same age," as Ursula Marvin stated in her book. They, are also "all about the same age,"   she wrote, because they "all are new."

     In the book Continental Drift, The Evolution of A Concept, it has even verified where the greate body of flood waters came fromUrsula Marvin wrote that the waters were "derived from the earth's interior."

         The absence of thick sediment on the ocean floor represents a considerable scientific riddle which absolutely proves that the oceans are not anywhere near millions of years old. 
It (also) indicates that the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on both sides of the Ridge was only recently formed.  One of my favorite verses is comes from a vision by Esdras, in the 13th chapter of II Esdras.
   51 "And I said, "Sovereign Lord, show me this - why I saw a man coming up from the heart of the sea
  52  And he said to me,
"Just as no one can seek out or know what is in the depth of the sea, so no one on
   earth can see my Son, or those who are with
him, except at the time of his Day."   II Esdras 13:51 and 52. 
The Apocrypha, Edgar Goodspeed and Moses Hadas, 1959 Edition
        Therefore, it is highly important that we realize how the various ocean basins were initially formed in a like manner, as it also explains why all the ocean bottoms all ended up being so very thin Did you know that there was also nearly a complete absence of sediments found in many places along the ocean floors?  Did you ever hear that it was not until the 1960's that anyone every proved, or ever knew, that there were no thick sedimentary layers at all!  In that regard, what everyone had expected was thousands of feet of sediments, and truly that was in fact actually needed, to prove that the oceans were (Quote) "millions of years old. "  Not only that but when THERE WERE fossils that were found, etc., none of them proved to be of any great age, and none of them were anywhere at all near being considered as ancient.  Lastly, all the messed up logic about the ocean waters, is rapidly changed when we are finally told that the oceans actually contain the flood waters, and they were "derived from the earth's interior" during the Flood of Noah

        These finding involve a major revolution in the sciences.  As has been shown, according to the ancient histories, there were no great oceans on the face of th earth, prior to the Flood of Noah!  What do we do with such massive changes as these?  Beginning on page 6 of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas S Kuhn states that changes like these cause us to. . .

"deal repeatedly with the major turning points in scientific development associated with the names of Copernicus, Newton, Lavoisier, and Einstein.  More clearly than most other episodes in history or at least the physical sciences, (changes like) these display what all scientific revolutions are all about. Each of them necessitated the community's rejection of one time-honored scientific theory in favor of another compatible with it. Each produced a consequent shift in the problems available for scientific scrutiny and in the standards by which the profession determined what should count as an admissible problem or as a legitimate problem-solution."  Kuhn writes, "Each transformed the scientific imagination in ways that we shall ultimately need to described as a transformation of the world within which scientific work was done. Such changes, together with the controversies that almost always accompany them, are the defining characteristics of scientific revolutions.

      These characteristics emerge with particular clarity from a study of, say, the Newtonian or the chemical revolution. It is, however, a fundamental thesis of this essay that they can also be retrieved from the study of many other episodes that were not so obviously revolutionary.  For the far smaller professional group affected by them, Maxwell's equations were as revolutionary as Einstein's, and they were resisted accordingly. The invention of other new theories regularly, and appropriately, evolves the same response from some of the specialists or whose areas of special competence they impinge.  For these men the new theory implies a change in the rules governing the prior practice of normal science.  Inevitably, therefore, it reflects upon much scientific work they hare already successfully completed. That is why a new theory, however special its range of application, is seldom or never just an increment to what is already known.  Its assimilation requires the reconstruction of prior theory and the re-evaluation of prior fact, as 8intrinsically revolutionary process that is seldom completed by a single man and never overnight. No wonder historians have had difficulty in dating precisely this extended process that their vocabulary implies them to view as an isolated event."

                                                                                                                                                                   Kuhn, Thomas S.,  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, pages 6 and 7.

         Now, according to the current findings of geologists, they also say that all the mountains all around the earth emerged, all at relatively the same relative point in time!

#1) First, the outine of South America as shown above, proves that the Flood of Noah included all of the earth and the earth itself much have expanded! The outline of South America on the Pacific Ocean floor is clear evidence that South America moved! The outline of South America also proves, and actually agrees with what the ancient philosophers and historians around the world have always said, that the ancient earth had only "channels" and shallow seas!  (Click on "Get The Facts" at the very top of this page.) That of course means the "massive indents" that became the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic ocean, and the Indian Ocean, had not even existed prior to the Flood of Noah!  In addition the initial web page illustration as shown above does proves that. . .   The Flood of Noah "was caused by," or it was "the result of," a massive break down and release of highly compressed silica-based matter that came up to the surface of the earth from within the mantle of the earth.  That fact is also aready proven since highly compressed "silica-based matter" is already known to exist and it is actually a super-abundant source of compressed oxygen - on a world-wide basis and this is shown in this web page as being what formed the great abundance of NEW water molecules. (See evidences uncovered by Wyllie, Peter J., in The Earth's Mantle, Continents Adrift and Continents Aground, pages 52 and 53.) The NEW waters came from highly compressed oxygen atoms and this was the well hidden source of The Flood of Noah. This also means that almost all of the flood waters were released from compressed silica-based matter within the mantle, and so almost all of the waters, "CAME UP FROM BELOW!"  Therefore, this flood was unlike any other "natural flood" because so much NEW WATER was introduced that the flood waters covered the entire earth! This is also fully proven in the details which follow.  All this also show that what was also left behind, as is now called "The Pacific Rise" or "the Mid-Oceanographic Rise," was actually he first indication of the expanding of the earth's mantle! And like all the oceans - the mid-Pacific Rise and the mid-Atlantic rise have never actually been explained before, except for the unsupported claim of their supposedly being millions and millions of years old! Without great, deep, bodies of sediments, however, undoubtedly, the oceans were NOT FORMED over the commonly stated, eons of time! There is something even greater than all of that, however.
     #2) The earth has expandedWhen the heat and pressure generated by the flood waters became so vast, the mantle of the earth began to expandAnd it expanded to such a tremendous extent it caused NEW areas along the surface of the earth and the earth itself, to also expand.  This was due to THE INCREDIBLE AMOUNTS of heat, weight, and pressure, generated by so much NEW water, coming up and/or arriving upon the surface, from below, as caused by the decompressing oxygen atoms from within the newly released silica-based matterThere was also so much molecular activity involved in the release of highly compressed NEW atoms that were coming from a highly compressed state, that the released of  (a) many millions of oxygen atoms rapidly formed or turned into many thousands of tons of NEW water, and (b) there were many millions of tons of NEW carbon and NEW silica atoms also being released from within the same carbon-based molecular format.  All of that NEW matter generated a great amount of pressure, which combined with the NEW sand atoms and NEW carbon atoms, thereby PROVIDING THE KEY ELEMENTS needed in forming all the coal, (i.e., the carbon black fossils of this world,) and other factors such as the 3,500,000 square mile area of sand now known as the Sahara Desert.  In writing the book Earth In Upheaval, Immanuel Velikovsky noted how pure the sands were in his discussion; he pointed to "the prodigious quantity of sand in the Sahara," on page 86 of the paper back version (published by Pocket Books in New York,) Velikovsky actually and specifically wrote: "The sand, it was found, is of recent origin." He also explains that mankind had inhabited the area which is now the Sahara, and the other deserts that had also rapidly emerged!  So it is thus proven that the Sahara and the other deserts did not emerge at a time in the past which was "millions and millions of years ago!" As noted by Velikovsky, he uses these words: "Men lived in these densely populated regions and cattle pastured where today enormous expanses of sand stretch for thousands of miles."  What happened is, as the earth and it's surface expandED - in the Gobi Desert, as in the Arabian and as also happened in the Sahara desert, the normally deep subterranean waters which had been pumping water up to these areas became sealed off by the "slliding"moving of the upper strata(!) and this caused the once essential features of the subterranean rivers to ALL dry up - completely (Quote) "Like the areas that became the Sahara and Arabian deserts, (the) other great deserts of the world disclose the fact that they were (ALSO) inhabited and cultivated at sometime in the past." (I.e., That had to be in what must have been the fairly recent past - as this too was due to The Flood of Noah!  As another proof . . . )  "On the Tibetan plateau and in the Gobi desert the remains of early prosperous civilizations were found with occasional ruins SURVIVING FROM THOSE VERY RECENT TIMES WHEN THE (NOW) GREAT, BARREN TRACTS WERE CULTIVATED."  The foregoing quotes about the deserts of this world are completely verifiable; they were also written by Immanuel Velikovsky (in Earth In Upheaval, page 90, Pocket Books edition, 1955.)  Knowing that water did NOT emerge later on as it once did (prior to the flood and the mantle expanding, etc.,) also means that various levels of strata, as part of the earth's surface, had to have very rapidly slid out of their normal position as the earth expanded and they obvioulsy moved along laterally - so extensive areas of strata were relocated as the planet expanded.  In addition, the flood waters often contained great amounts of sand or silica, gold, iron particles, and many of the other elements In other words the hitherto unexplained great amount of flood waters, fossils, coal and other deposits as well as the deserts now found in every part of this world all emerged from within or as a result of The Flood of NoahAll this is fully shown and further explained in this report.
A Summary of The Findings and Discoveries Presented In This Web Page:

          According to the author, Bruce D McKay, Elijah, as noted - the Flood was due to a massive release of  oxygen atoms from their highly compressed state within silica-basaed matter - which caused great amounts of oxygen to rapidly come up from within the upper mantle.  The flood waters were formed when this excellent source of oxygen atoms readily combined with readily available hydrogen atomsHydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe These same oxygen atoms are also known (i.e., and they were discovered in actual laboratory studies and reported by the famed geologist, Peter J Willie, as noted above.) Professor Willie has written more than 300 books on geology, and he reports that the oxygen atoms are in a COMPRESSED state, within silica-based matter that is found in the mantle,   (Note.  This was published in Scientific American without recognition of the fact that millions of tons of water had been produced by this means.  The reader will find this as fully discussed in  HPage2  above.)  It was Peter J Willie who made the all important discovery that the decompression of the silica-based matter is such that he discovered there were actually four, six, or even more OXYGEN ATOMS existing in the same space where just one oxygen atom would normally reside - and other smaller atoms were also in a compressed state where they existed - in between the oxygen atoms! 

            What is known as "the depleted mantle" is another clear proof that a truly vast amount of flood water was rapidly forming and 'those atoms were expanding' as they CAME UP FROM BELOW, and it flooded the entire earth! Then, following the issue of the flood waters, there was a rapidly occurring weight, pressure, and tremendous amounts of heat, the latter being generated from all the extensive molecular activity according to WillieThis is also what caused the mantle to expand, and the key factor is that a greater size surface area or bubble-like dome emerged under the earth's surface, which did indeed cause the earth to expanded!  Exhibit 1, just above, shows where South America was, and it is NOW located 3000 miles from its old preflood location, as discovered by Bruce D McKay, Elijah. Also, what this means is that 'it is no doubt true' that our oceans are NEW!  This, in turn means that the major premise of Continental Drift is completely wrong, simply because the ancient earth had only shallow seas - and some channels but no massive rivers of oceans!  The initial concept of Continental Drift failed to consider that our earth had no vast oceans in the distant past.  Indeed, the theory appears to be gendered as a part of the then new, Nazi ideology.  It appears to have been a hidden part of their well-designed propaganda which was designed to end the age of Kings and disperse with the God given right of royalty to rule.  In truth, the flood waters altered the crust; the flood waters accumulating in the NEW area(s) caused those areas to expanded to their present, great size and depth.  As proof, look at a modern globe.   It actually shows the same waters that once EXPANDED, are also those which came up from below, and flooded the entire earth.  Then, as another major part of the flood, the lands turned to quicksand This is a fact it is according to what the Egyptains reported; it was written by Plato, and this is also the answer to the age old question on what rapidly killed all the dinosaurs and all the others of a long list of species - all at the same time - all around the entire world.  As discovered by Bruce D McKay, Elijah, they all died in one "mass extinction," all at the same time, and most frequently even the largest species and they are still being  frequently found buried 100 feet down, or even deeper.  The ever increasing intense pressure - with NEW CARBON and NEW SILICA atoms released millions of tons of NEW sand.  (i.e., Velikovsky even reported. . .)  "the sand, (quote) is of recent origin," because the flood waters were absolutely loaded with silica atoms, and carbon atoms - (and in order to make coal it requires 22 silica atoms to form every single NEW grain of sand!)  In brief, it has never before been explained why sand is always part of what formed each of the vast coal deposits.

      All the petrified wood in the world is also explained by the uptake of what were highly compressed silica atoms!  As stated above, coal normally contains sand, too.  The sand requires 22 molecules of silica to form one grain of sand! The uptake of silica atoms which were not yet collected into grains of sand, explains how petrification worked, which is also another first time discovery by the author, Bruce D McKay, Elijah.  It also indicates that the abundant supply of this world's coal is therefore, all due to all the pressure, etc., the vast amount of silica and carbon atoms, and the same forces, which did not exist and were not available at any other time in history.  In addition,  what is known as "Dry ice" was also formed. As proof, the "dry ice finding" was also reported by Willie an this also involved his studies of the same, the silica-based matter!  The existence and release of great quantities of this material, and the fact that it was also being released by massive - PHASE SHIFTS, means that Bruce D McKay's discovery also readily explains not only the impossibility of continental drift, but also: Greenland, Siberia, all the frozen mammoth and all the other 'FLASH FROZEN' lands and (frozen) species, all the ongoing mysteries of the "ice ages," and the emergence of both of the so-called polar regions of this earth, as well as the origin of the Pacific Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean, and the India Ocean It is totally incredible but this discovery even explains the millions of tons of sand which now covers the 3,500,000 square miles that form the great Sahara Desert - plus all the other deserts of this world!  Not only that but He has also given all of us the ability to explain how all the coal deposits were very rapidly formed -without any requirement for millions of years of time - with all types of coal being formed at the same time, all around the world!  Plus, MANY other major mysteries have been solved that have existed for many centuries, throughout the geological sciences; all of this, and much more, is explained within this incredible web page.   So, please pass it on!   It proves that the flood was universal, with the whole world being flooded all at the same time.  It actually happened and that means that the reports on The Flood as reported in scriptures and in the Bible were correct all along.

 (Next you should see some white boxes which contain information about the author and a note from Albert Einstein.)

       #3)  Perhaps the most important factor of all is that all of this, as noted above and as follows, all of this happened in a very limited time frame as if all at the same time - and for the most part it all came FROM THE RAPID RELEASE OF HIGHLY COMPRESSED SILICA-BASED MATTER within the mantle!  For these reasons the "Flood of Noah' WAS KNOWN AROUND THE WORLD; all of this is fully and completely proven in this report.
       #4)   But there is still something more than all thatIt is also the greatest discovery ever made in all of history because: the overall scope of the location and movement of South America now stands as a true field of reference which verifies the claims of the scriptures and otherwise proves that "The Flood of Noah" actually happened; 
     #5)  it also proves that the incredible scope or the tremendous "reach" of the expanding mantle, was in fact what actually started the Pacific Ocean, along with the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, were each ocean was very rapidly formed in the same way. After the Flood or following the Flood itself, a MAJOR PART OF THE THE FLOOD WATERS moved and/or emerged as the Pacific Ocean - and the Flood waters are what also produced the other major oceans of this world! 
       #6)   In addition, these events took place as due to the expanding mantle and the result of the tremendous expanding of the earth's surface, those factors are what actually moved South America and North America over 3000 miles!  Note that this is not a loosely composed supposition. That is, the 3000 mile movement of North and South America has been recognized by many geologists, but they were previously unable to understand or explain the exact mechanism or "the incredible motor" behind such a great and absolutely massive movement of two of our major continents. Therefore, by way of the fact that the author of this web page has recently or discovered the ancient location of South America as shown in Exhibit 1.
      #7)  The markings that outline the old, preflood location of South America on the Pacific Ocean floor, also stands as a clear proof that the Pacific and the other oceans expanded into their current locations. 
      #8)  That is, there was a great abundance of highly compressed oxygen atoms that were released from THE Highly Compressed SILICA-BASED MATTER within the mantle - WHICH RESULTED IN THE GREAT ABUNDANCE OF "NEW WATER" - WHICH DID IN FACT MOVE TO RAPIDLY FLOOD THE ENTIRE EARTH, and those waters had even covered any of the older preflood mountains that had possibly existed on the preflood earth!
         #9)  With the above notes in mind, now we can's take a look at some details on The Flood presented in The Bible Reader's Companion by Lawrence O. Richards, (published by Victor Books, A Division of Scripture Press Publications, USA, Canada, and England.)  They state that "Christians who hold a high view of Scripture debate whether the Genesis Flood was a universal flood, that covered the entire surface of the globe, or a limited flood affecting only areas of human population. Since it has been found (a) that the tallest mountains around the world are all the same relative age, meaning they were all pushed up in unison, and (b) we have gained further insight into the fact that they were also all pushed up, in unison, by the expanding mantle of the earth, then (c) it is now clearly proven that the expanding of the mantle and those events known as The Flood, did obviously happen on a global basis.
     #10)  Richards also writes that "verses (in the book of Genesis,) state "all the high mountains under the entire heavens" were covered (with water,  7:19-21) and that "every living (breathing) thing" on earth perished (Genesis 7: 21-23.) which supports a worldwide cataclysm."  He also says, "But what about the fact that there is not enough water on our planet and in the atmosphere to cover such mountains as Everest?"  Those questions are fully answered by points #1 through #3, above.
     #11)   Richards also states, "Those who hold the universal view believe that the Flood changed the fact of the earth, causing the sea beds to indent, and thrusting mountains up higher than before."  He does not actually explain how these things happened, but "whatever our view," he writes, "it is clear that the account of the Flood makes a powerful theological statement.  It affirms that God is the moral Ruler of this universe, who has and who will exercise His obligation to judge sin.  Second Peter 3 reminds those who scoff at the idea of a final judgement that God acted in the time of Noah, to judge wicked and violent human beings.  The God whose hatred of sin is revealed in the Flood will not let sins go unpunished." (End of quote.)
     #12)   Based on the statements noted above, it is evident that almost everyone has thus far failed to consider how absolutely enormous The Flood and it's ultimate effects actually were!  In other words, there was once a noted author who titled a book he wrote - "Your God Is Too Small!"  Evidently he might as well have also written a sequel titled: "Everyone's view of the Flood Is 'Too Small,' Too!"  When we turn to the scriptures now once we have the emphasis right as to what happened to cause The Flood of Noah, #8) then it becomes clear that in verse 18 of the 7th chapter of Genesis, the Bible actually says. . .  "THE WATER WERE INCREASED that bare up the ark, and it was lifted up above the earth,"  Please don't miss the fact that the Key Word in that description is "INCREASED!"  Personally, it is very hard to figure out why no one ever caught that before!  In the Bible it even says . . .  "THE WATER WERE INCREASED! "
  Not only that but much the same thing was also stated in Verse 7:19, where the Book of Genesis adds . . .  "THE WATERS PREVAILED AND WERE  "INCREASED  GREATLY " UPON THE EARTH, AND ALL THE HIGH HILLS THAT WERE UNDER THE WHOLE HEAVEN WERE COVERED  ( with the "NEW WATERS" of the Flood! )   In Genesis 7:20 the scriptures also tell us that the flood waters were (Quote) "Fifteen cubits upward" i.e. that is . . .  "about 12 feet UP OVER the mountain tops . . . did the waters prevail and the mountains were covered!"   And not only that but all the land rapidly turned to quicksand, which caused (Quote) "every living or breathing thing to die that moved upon the earth, both of fowl and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, (Genesis 7:23) and every living substance (plants, trees, shrubs, vines, etc.) was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven, and they were destroyed from the earth and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark. 7:24. And the waters prevailed upon the earth for a hundred and fifty days."  Next you can take a look at just some of the millions of creatures which perished during the Flood of Noah.
       The foregoing facts and details also substantiate and authenticate that a much larger planet was effectuated and formed and this was also due to the Flood o Noah.    As it stands now:
Taking this up one step further, The Flood had to have also produced most all of the other deserts of this world as well. That includes the great sand deposits on both dry land, and under the ocean water too!  (Quote) "Fossils of plants and man-made implements found in the Sahara show that the great African desert," (rapidly generated by the Flood, had a preflood existence of) "being covered with luxuriant vegetation and was inhabited by man." This also explains why much the same thing is found in other very distant nations.  For example, "similar remains have been found in the Gobi Desert of China and in the great desert areas of northwestern India." These facts as stated directly here can be readily verified within the opening pages of The Flood by Alfred Rehwinkel, (see page 4.)  The Sahara, after all, "continues through the deserts of Arabia and Iran to the enormous barren plateaus of Tibet and Mongolia . . . (and it runs) right up "to the mountain wilderness of lower Siberia!" (see page 3, also in Rehwinkel.)  But there is also something bigger than all of that! 
  The fact that the waters of the flood of Noah were so rapidly released from the "highly compressed oxygen atoms" within the "compressed silica based matter" being released all around the world, explains what the Bible describes as "the breaking up of the fountains of the great deep."  This also means that the once solid ground of the entire world RAPIDLY TURNED INTO QUICKSAND, just prior to the Flood of Noah!  This flood, was the greatest of all floods throughout history, according to the Egyptians in Plato's report - and they also said that the flood waters had COME UP FROM BELOW, but none of the geologists were ever able to imagine how such a thing could be true!  More importantly,  #16) this also explains what brought about the extinction of all the dinosaurs and other species all around the world.  The details presented here make it easy to see how they all became extinct - all at the same relative point in time! 
It is no wonder one scientist has written: "But the uplift history of today's mountains is anything but uniformitarian in character.  Observational evidence indicates that the terrain where these mountains now exist, in many if not most cases, was nearly flat and near sea level when the recent intense pulse of uplift began."(1)  Many of the things worth doing or understanding in this world have been declared impossible before they were explained.


       The flood and the expanding of the earth's mantle compose one of those things!  If the truth be told, the finding that  #16)  South America was nearly adjacent to Australia and New Zealand, and located on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean, completely reduces and curtails all the truly purposeless standards of the geological time scale -- because of the many other things that happened when the mantle expanded.  #17. The evidences of a rapidly expanding mantle does of course include the "rapid uplift" of all the mountains around the world!  This extraordinary and well-hidden event of the mantle expanding is, in turn, what caused "an ongoing enigma for the geological community. . ."  In other words these findings immediately answer the big question as to "why all the mountain ranges of the world -- including the Himalayas, the Alps, the Andes, and the Rockies (as have been noted above) -- experienced most of the uplift to their present elevations in what amounts to a blink of an eye, relative to the standard geological time scale."(2)  
      Few people know that the mountain ranges of this world (Quote) "were not the same high, forbidding walls as found in the world of today, but were much lower, covered with vegetation, and did not seriously interfere with the climate conditions as do the mountains of today. . .  The English scientist Alfred Wallace wrote: 'The Alps, the Pyrenees, the Rocky Mountains, and even the Himalayas were all (Quote) in the early Miocene times, many thousands of feet lower than they are now."  According to Wallace, "This is proven by the fact of 'Eocene and Miocene ' marine deposits of great thicknesses, which must have been formed in water, and then (they were uplifted - while still making up the uppermost strata of the mountain tops and that where they are normally found!)  . . . elevated ten to sixteen thousand feet above sea level."(3) 

         As is shown in this report, the emphasis as construed by those in the geological sciences was never placed on what truly happened Simply stated, all of that, including all of whatever prompted the name of "The Miocene" and "The Eocene," was actually attributed wrongly and inappropriately to a series of events which they presumed as having required "millings of years of time!" Instead, in that we now know that all the mountains and the mountain ranges of this earth were uplifted very rapidly, and they were a direct result of The Flood of Noah as the flood waters generatead the intense heat, presssure. and a great amount of weight that was pushing down on the surface of the earth!  It, the Flood of Noah, can now be seen as having caused the phenomena of mantle of the earth "rapidly expanding," which provided the emergence of an unknown number of new expanding and yet "subsiding areas" on what was the earth's expanding surface; the largest of those areas began to rapidly become what is now called the Pacific Ocean! That is what happenedThe tremendous power of the expanding mantle was so strong it easily uplifted the enormous 'Dent du Midi' in Switzerland, to its current elevation of 3257 metersor 10,686 feet!

        How could something like this ever happen?  The answer is that all of the massive mountains, and even the associated "mountain ranges," originated, from stock which was located deep down under ancient water-covered "shallow seas." These were "pre mountain areas" which were scattered around the earth's surface, prior to the Flood.  Now all that hard as rock, deep, fossil laden rock like layers of sub-sea bottom matter began being pushed up as the topmost part of the "new mountains,"which we find today, all around the whole world.

This also explains why all the mountains around the world are topped with layers of what is know as "fossiliferous rocks."  It also fully explains why geologists wrongly assumed that the mountains had to be ancientThey had many who had concluded that all the mountains AROUND THE WORLD had all emerged at approximately the same time!  Because the geologists had simply not realized the tremendous impact of the world-wide Flood of Noah, however, they wrongly attributed the presence of all the mountains as having required many millions of years of time!  It also unravels all the questions about how each one of the world's mountains ended up being topped with thick marine deposits, crustations (or crabs), shells, and marine fossils -- all emerged in a blink of an eye!

       Therefore, it is highly important that we realize how the various ocean basins were initially formed in a like manner, as it also explains why all the ocean bottoms all turned up to be so very thin Did you know that there was also nearly a complete absence of sediments found in many places along the ocean floors?  Did you ever hear that it was not until the 1960's that anyone every proved, or ever knew, that there were no thick sedimentary layers at all!  In that regard, what everyone had expected was thousands of feet of sediments, and truly that was in fact actually needed, to prove that the oceans were (Quote) "millions of years old. "  Not only that but when THERE WERE fossils that were found, etc., none of them proved to be of any great age, and none of them were anywhere at all near being considered as ancient.  Lastly, all the messed up logic about the ocean waters, is rapidly changed when we are finally told that the oceans actually contain the flood waters, and they were "derived from the earth's interior" during the Flood of Noah

          I will declare Psalms 2:7 In Matthew 19:26 it says "With God all things are possible!"  That above is absolute proof - and as such it is already PROVEN - that many hundreaads of thousands of square miles of the ocean floor have been uplifted alreadyThis box simply explains how it was not at all difficult for such a large part of the earth's surface to be "uplifted" during the time when the entire earth was covered with water, and that time in history would of course be "during The Flood of Noah."   I can assure you that anytime you have a problem to solve, you can readily find the right answer - when you take the time needed to "Call Upon the Lord!"  James 5:16 in the Bible also says that your prayers "availeth much."  I am writing this today because on August 12, 1952, I was "taken up" to Heaven!  (Note: The Wisdom of Solomon 4:10 in the Goodspeed edition explains: "Because he pleased God well, he was loved by him, and while living among sinners he was 'taken up!'")   Ever since then I have often been praying and asking for God's help on just about everything that I wanted to know more about, or better understand.  One day I was seeking answers in this same manner.  I was praying, as usual.  But this time I was considering the many problems with Continental Drift. 

      Anytime they asked me WHY I was not at all interested in school or what they were teaching, or if my fellow students of any teacher wanted to know what I was thinking, I would very earnestly and calmly say, "I just don't want any of that stuff in my head!"  The real truth is, I simply did NOT want to learn how to "think" like everyone else was thinking.  For the rest of that school year when I WAS in school, and the following five years after that, I flatly refused to study or do even an inch of homework.  I wouldn't even open any of my text books, except when I was in class.  Even then, if I felt that it was best not to agree with the subject matter - or I or if I found it not to be of any real merit, I would simply close my book and begin thinking my own thoughts.  Today I can still tell you exactly what it was like up there, and I can tell you that when you do get your chance to also "go to Heaven," you too will find that it is the same thing as going across a great divide - into "another dimension." 
           Now when I was growing up they did not understand anything about what I was saying or doing.  All this started up in my life, when I was about half way into the fourth grade.  I would say I was quite normal up until that point, but after I had changed I wanted my parents to take me out of school completely.  Finally they did "pull me out" of school, when we moved to Gulfport Mississippi, and that was absolutely fine with me.  When school started the next year however, based on some half-baked advise of my older brother, they forced me to go back and take the third grade all over again!   After a full year of a second encounter with the third grade - then I was put back into the fourth grade for the second time!  That year was the first year that I was also  forced to go to summer school,  By the time I reached the fifth grade they had used bright red ink to stamp my permanent record with the words, "COMPLETELY UNTEACHABLE!"   They said it was a warning to all the future teachers. I was very teachable and I was willing to learn.  I just wasn't willing to learn what everyone else was learning because I really and truly did not believe that all the rubbish and nonsense which they were being thought was in the least bit true!  In the long run, if I was as ignorant as the educational system would like to contend, then how could I exempt the biological sciences on my entrance exams at Florida State University.  For that matter, how could I end up with a Bachelor's Degree from the same university, where I actually graduated in August of 1967.  In addition, based on my independent studies in oncology and the medical arts, and on geology and the earth sciences; in 1981, I was evaluated by one of the leading editors of the New York Times, (retired) and he considered me to be the leading Epistemologist in all the English speaking nations!  Moreover, he informed me that there were possibly only six other people "like me," who were able to do what I was doing, in all of the entire world!  As I was growing up, however, it is no wonder that I had absolutely no interest in what was being taught - in any of the schools.  In addition, I just couldn't grasp how in the world almost every school, among all the nations, had decided or elected to adopt such an incredible plan for "the education of so many," of leaving God out of the educational process, completely.  For most of my life, it was to remain a total mystery to me.  Nevertheless, you will find that question is fully answered and many other questions are completely solved within these findings.  For example, over the centuries there have been many individuals who have pointed out that there was no rain prior to The Flood of Noah, according to the 9th Chapter of Genesis:


            Now The Real Pre-Flood Location of South America Has Been Found!  So it was on that particular day right after I had prayed, that I was led to begin looking at the pages in the Atlas, and that is when "The Oracles of God" began to appear.  When I turned the page to see the underwater floor of the Pacific Ocean, all of a sudden I saw the exact outline of South America on the ocean floor!   As seen above in Exhibit one, it showed exactly were South America was, or where it had been located on the left side or the West side of what is now the vast Pacific OceanAs soon as I saw those markings on the ocean floor of the Pacific, I immediately recognized that this was showing me where South America had to have been located at one time - right next to Australia and New ZealandAnd it turned out to be at that the time it was there was just before The Flood of Noah!   It is  incredible but the outline of South America had just popped up in front of my eyes in response to my prayers!  I didn't know how the Pacific Ocean had started and then rapidly expanded so as to actually move South America 3000 miles.  In retrospect, that is the real answer to what's wrong with continental drift.  Briefly stated, South America had never simply "drifted" to where it is today, and it would take all the power of the rapidly expanding Pacific Ocean opening up and filling, to move it, South America, like that!  But on the other hand, I did have some idea that the Pacific Ocean was so large that it covered the surface of about one-third of the entire planet.

         As soon as I realized that this was really part of a "Great Oracle" from God, I said aloud, "This has got to be an incredible miracle!"  I began to sincerely thank the Lord for leading me to it, and "enlightening my eyes!" (Psalms 19:8)

        South America Proves That The Entire Earth Expanded and THE FLOOD OF NOAH Really Happened!  I was praising His Holy Name and then I immediately realized that what you and I are looking at, as shown above, (marked A, B, C, D, E, and F,) is actually the real, ancient location of South America!   It has never been seen before by anyone!   It does in fact prove that the entire earth expanded, and the Flood of Noah really happened.  This is true because as the Pacific Ocean was being formed - that would be where much of the water of the flood ended upHence, this is the very first time anyone has ever seen where South America was before the Pacific Ocean began to open up and emerge and it expanded!   It is very significant, and it is an extraordinary discovery!   It in fact shows and/or proves that The Flood of Noah really happened!  So question number two is, or the next question is . . .   Where Did So Much Water Come From - So That It Even Covered The Mountain Tops?

       Here Is Where Most of The Flood Waters Came From!
          My Real Name Is Elijah!     It is only fair to also advise you at this point that my real name is Elijah.  It is also noted just above, the geologists of today actually say that the mineral structure of the earth's mantle still contains (Quote) "enough water to fill all the oceans of this world ten times over, or more!" As incredible as it might seems, "The geologists also recognize that there was material that has come out of the upper part of the mantle, which they call 'the depleted mantle.'"(13)

     As for who I am, you can also find my real name, the name of Elijah or Elias, as being the name of a divinely inspired, ninth-century prophet who holds major parts in the book of Kings and he is also in the book of Malachi.  Soon after I was adopted, before ever going up to Heaven, my new parents decided to give me a new name.  They changed my name.  That would be at some point in or near, 1947.  At the time I believe we lived in Plymouth, Michigan. My parents had sent me and my older brother, Martin McKay, into the courthouse. He signed as my "legal guardian," which he definitely was not.  As a result, I grew up with my real name of Elijah being hidden for most of my life.  In Malachi 4:5 the Bible nevertheless says: "Behold. I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. (Verse 5)  And he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, least I come and smite the earth with a curse." (Malachi 4:5 and 6.)
     "The Biggest Day In My Life!" The biggest day of my life came at age eleven.  It was 1952 and we were living in New Orleans.  I was attending school, being bussed in everyday, at Jefferson Davis Elementary.  One day a group of young boys, led by my only friend whose name was Little Anthony, joined hands and formed a circle around me.  I was only in the fourth grade. I was sitting on the ground in the school yard, and they began to pray very earnestly and loudly, that God would somehow give me a new dad!  Without going into all the details, in only three days time I was suddenly drowned at the public beach, and I was "taken up" into heaven.  Today I am certain that it was one of the most important days in my entire life and I still thank God for being behind what happened when I was "taken up" into Heaven!  It was on August 12 in 1952.  Based on the texts found in many ancient books Elijah is slated to return to this Earth, prior to the millennial Day of the.  It is also true that he, Elijah, is anticipated to be a "forerunner of the coming messiah." When I was in Heaven, a major part of my experiences was my being a witness to what I would describe as a meeting attended by many hundreds of thousands of Martyrs.  There were more of them than any one could count; they were all yelling and hollering, "Don't send himDon't send himSend usSend UsWe must avenge our blood on the earthWe must avenge our blood!"

Why The Martyrs Were Protesting.   Why were they protesting?  They were all protesting about the fact that The Lord God Almighty as he is called in Heaven,  was evidently making very sincere plans to send me back to this earth I didn't even know what was going on, but they sure did!  Not only that but I was getting upset because of all the yelling and all the noise that they were making.  They were so loud that I began to think that a full-scale riot might break out, with no one there to stop it!  That was when The Lord God Almighty suddenly showed up at my right side.  I had my eyes covered and I was kneeling down at the time.  He reached over and actually put his wing around me.  I was just a small boy, and He actually "covered me with His wing,” or “with his feathers” as the Bible puts it in Psalms 91:4. 

        Often when I was there in Heaven, I held my left arm up to shield my eyes because it was so bright!   There are no clouds in the sky, up there.  I was also kneeling down on one knee, and there were a great number of martyrs protesting, ( . . .as it says in the Bible, "no man could number them!”)  “And with a loud voice they were shouting out,  ‘Don't send himSend UsSend Us!   We must avenge our blood on the earth!’" (See Revelation 7.)

       The Witness To The Opening of The Fifth Seal  (Rev. 7.)   After returning to this earth, about twenty years later, one day when I was reading the Bible I came to realize that when I was in Heaven I was actually "the witness to the opening of the fifth seal" - exactly as the Bible says in Rev. 7:9-14!   Today I am also able to tell you that there is a beautiful temple in Heaven.  The large palace-like temple actually bridges between two very tall mountains and in Heaven it is called "The Alter."  It is evidently the major alter of the Lord, and there us a number of thick white clouds that form a "train," flowing off of him, and they come with "his presence.".  The floors in that great temple are also made out of large squares of pure crystal, and they, the large square tiles that make up the floor, and that makes the floor as clear as glass.  Hence, it is not difficult at all for anyone to "look, beneath the alter," or to see "under the altar."  You can look "under the alter," and at every point in the valley below, you can "see the souls of them that were slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held!" (See Revelation 6:9, just below.) When I was there I could see the millions as they came into the great valley below the altar, where they each began the upward climb to reach the great Temple of God.  This is where the twenty-four elders are in court, evidently day and night.  As for why the martyrs were showing up all at one time, in the King James Bible, in  Revelation 5:10 it says . . .  
"And they cried out with a loud voice, saying, 'How Long, Oh Lord, holy and true, dost thou NOT judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth!'"


        The Apocrypha Was In The Bible, Until . . .  
To clear things up, usually there were many angels and martyrs at the Temple . . .   “giving to God and the Lamb the praise of great salvation."  "Both the Father and the Son are joined together in these praises.  The Father contrived this salvation, the Son purchased it, and those who enjoy it must and will bless the Lord and the Lamb, and they will do it publicly, and with fervor.” (These statements are from Matthew Henry’s commentary in The Matthew Henry Study Bible, 1994, page 2690.) ,I am sharing this with you for good reasons.  First, because according to pages xvi and xvii in the introduction to The Apocrypha y Goodspeed and Moses Hadas, and secondly, you will find it explained there that the Apocrypha was NOT removed from the Bible until the early 1800's.   Nor was it ever clear or evident to people living at that time, that all of The Wisdom of Solomon and many other books of the apocryphal were actually all in the first Bible that was ever written,' which was the early Greek version of the Bible, and it was called  the Septuagint.

Today, many will probably be very surprised to learn that the first Bibles had always contained The Books of  the Apocrypha.  I am sharing this with you because, if you look closely at pages xvi and xvii, in the introduction to The Apocrypha by Goodspeed and Moses Hadas, you will find it explained there, that the Apocrypha was only removed from the Bible in the early 1800's, (see page xxv.) 
Nor were the books of the Apocrypha removed from the Bible after the King James Bible was published.  To be even more exact, on pages xxv and xxvi in the introduction, it states that the Apocrypha was only removed after being "vigorously protested" by the Edinburgh branch of the English Bible Society.  Moses Hadas also wrote on "page xxv" in the introduction to "The American Translation of The Apocrypha," by Edgar J. Goodspeed, a second part, that I discovered when I was 40 years old.  That would be in 1981, when the Lord led me to uncover some key facts.   At that time I found that the content of Chapter 4, in The Wisdom of Solomon, does most definitely tell almost everything about my own incredible story!


        The Books of The Apocrypha Were Removed:    I will repeat, what I saw was -  thousands and thousands, even millions of martyrs who were loudly protesting!  Many of them were actually hollering and yelling as if they were at a pep rally or something like that!  They made so much noise it started to think that maybe a riot was going to break out!  There were millions of martyrs  loudly protesting!   I was growing fearful because they were so loud, and also because there wereso many of them protesting!  Josephus, the Jewish historian wrote, "They were killed for believing in the “allieddocuments,” i.e.,  "the books of the Apocrypha!" And in the early 1800's, in The Apocrypha by Edgar J. Goodspeed and Moses Hadas, on page "XXV" in the introduction, Moses Hadas has explained that (quote) "The ordinary edition of the English Bible (had) included the Apocrypha.  The British and (the) Foreign Bible Society, founded in 1804, (had) included the Apocrypha in the English and foreign language Bibles it "subventioned,"(. . . meaning they provided them with an allocation, an allotment, or a subsidy. . .)  "but the practice was vigorously protested, especially by the Edinburgh branch of the Society.  The protestors had their way, and in 1826 a formal rule was formally adopted.  "The Principles of the Society exclude the circulation of these Books, or parts of Books, which are usually termed Apocryphal.  The action of the London society confirmed the American Bible Society (founded in New York in 1816) in its own practice, and commercial publishers naturally followed the same practice.  In consequence, general familiarity with the books of the Apocrypha declined, though they were included in small editions of the authorized version issued by Oxford and Cambridge presses and also in separate printings."

       And When Living Among Sinners He was "Taken Up."  Soon after the Lord had helped me locate the apocrypha, in a book titled "The Wisdom of Solomon," one of the more popular books in the apocrypha, it says . . .  10 "Because he pleased God well, he was loved by Him,  11 and when living among sinners he was "taken up."  12  He was caught up, so that wickedness might not alter his understanding, or guile deceive his soul.   13  For the spell of wickedness obscures what is good, and the instability of desire perverts the innocent mind.  Being perfected in a little while he has fulfilled long years. 14  For his soul pleased the Lord.  Therefore he hurried (him) from the midst of wickedness.   The people saw but did not perceive, or take such a thing to heart.  15 For favor and mercy are with His chosen, and He watches over His saints." 

        The Allied Documents - THEY WOULD NOT ALTER ONE SYLLABLE!
     As it is also written, this too clearly explains the absolute reverence the Jewish people had for "The Allied Documents," and THEY WOULD ENDURE TORTURES AND DEATH - IN EVERY FORM - RATHER THAN UTTER A SINGLE WORD AGAINST THE LAWS (i.e., in the Old Testament) AND THE ALLIED DOCUMENTS.  


The fact that all the Apocrypha has been removed from the Bibles which we now cherish so highly, should tell you something about why many of the martyrs in Heaven are actually crying out to be sent back to this earth!  They have seen what has been going on "down here," and they are truly, very anxious to "avenge their blood on this earth!" 

        When I Was In Heaven, I  Was Taken "Under The Wing of God!"   To return to the part about all the martyrs yelling and hollering when I was in Heaven, what happened next is that the Lord God Almighty came to my rescue!  He had a quick way to protect me.  He simply reached out and He took me "under His wing!" (See Psalms 91:4.) Yes, I wrote it out that way because that is exactly what happened!  He took me "under His Wing!"  Ever since then in my heart I have "trusted in Him without any reservations."  The Bible says, "His truth is my shield and buckler."  I have even told the same account to many others, including about what I saw when happened to peep out, looking downward where I could just see a little, under my arm.  What I actually saw then was the rounded ends of some of the feathers that were a part of His wing!  The ends of the fathers were about the size of large cantaloupes. Based on seeing that, complete with what look like some blood vessels, I do know for a fact that the Lord God Almighty does have wings, and He had even covered me and protected me, with His wing! (Psalms 91:4)  Therefore, I must say that “‘NO, the Bible is not wrong, and it is not using symbolic language when it tells us about God Almighty having wings. “

      In Heaven, They Were Singing of His Glory:  "He Comes This Way . . . "   " He Comes This Way . . ."   On an earlier occasion something important also happened when I was listening to the angels sing of the great glory of God Almighty!  Their music was absolutely wonderful, and I listened to them intently for quite some time.  That time of Angel's music slowed down, when there came a very distant and high sounding chorus from "on high!" In the distance you could hear them repeating this phrase: "He comes this way....  He comes this way...  The Lord God Almighty comes this way...."  "What is that?" I asked, and one of them who was standing nearby.  That Angel said to me, "We always hear that as God draws near to where we are, so everyone knows when The Lord God Almighty is coming into the area.  Watch!  This is when we will be able to see and look upon him from a great distance.

Look!" the angel said, pointing and directing my attention to an area in the nearby, cloudless sky.  I looked up as I had been directed and what I saw looked like a super-fast moving glider, moving like a jet across the cloudless, blue sky.  He did not flap his wings like a bird does, however.  They were nevertheless great wings(!) and he came straight in for a very rapid landing.  Then, he more or less shrugged his shoulders and then those really big wings folded, and they fit very neatly across his back.  He was so bright, however, that a great amount of  power was just pouring from his body.  Those were "the clouds of glory," or what is called "glory clouds," and these things and activities could only be viewed briefly, even from a considerable distance.  Therefore . . .  no, I am absolutely sure that the Bible is not using symbolic language to tell us about this.  It is a real fact that God Almighty does have wings, and while I have shared this with many people I think that there have been only a few who readily indicate that have truly believe it!

       What Is Meant By "Not Having A Heavenly Purview" "God doesn't have feathers!" they say!  (I never said He did!) But, in their opinion, God just doesn't even have wings either!  I saw him when He crossed the sky, as he was coming into the area of The Temple, however.  He "glided in" quite rapidly and everyone who was there could see Him while he was going along at a rapid rate, "in the air."   The real problem is, everyone here on earth LACKS having any type of "Heavenly purview" or ‘the range, insight, and understanding’ needed to support any cognizance of the things in that dimension.  In the dictionary. . .  pur•view  (noun)  means: 1. the range operation, authority, control, concern, etc.,   2.  The range of vision, insight, or understanding.  3.  Law., a.  that which is provided  or enacted in a statute, as distinguished from the preamble, b. the purpose or scope of a statute., and 4. The full scope or compass of any document, statement, subject, or book, etc.

        What that means is that because Heaven is in what we know of as "another dimension," when someone has been there and they try another person about it, or of it, because it is a different dimension from this one it turns out that almost regardless of what one says it will almost always go right past those persons who have never been there! It’s just like “in one ear and out the other.”   In addition to that, the person who hasn’t been there remains fully unaware, or “mindless” in regard to learning any of the differing properties or features of either Heaven and/or God. I remember when I was yet a small boy and my parents took me all the way to Milan, Michigan.  That was because my dad wanted to give me back to my real mom, but he called it “giving me back to the Indians.”  It took a long time to get there, but once we were there I was escorted 'out to the barn' by my cousin,  to collect some eggs.  His name was Jeffery and he said, "Just reach up under that chicken and see if she's got some eggs under her." 

        When I did as I had been directed, the feathers were very warm and so fuzzy to the touch that it completely reminded me of being "Under His Wing!"  It struck me so suddenly, so hard, and with so much impact that I immediately pulled my hand out from under that chicken!  At the same time I was  reeling back, about eight or nine feet, before I could catch my balance!  My cousin, was standing nearby and when he saw all this happen and he immediately said, "What's the matter!  Did that big bad hen peck your hand, or did she just try and peck you!"  He also began to laugh like crazy. 

       Don’t tell me that you think that God is a ’great big chicken!’”  I immediately said, "No!  I just didn’t feel worthy about doing that because it really reminded me a lot about being back there, in Heaven and about how warm and fuzzy it was when God put his wing around me to shield me from all the noise!”  My cousin was roaring with laughter.   Of course, that wasn't what I was thinking at all.  In fact, I didn't even feel worthy of having any feelings like that, which reminded me so much of being "under God's wing!"  Regardless of all that, ever since then the Lord has been "my refuge and my habitation." (Psalms 4:9)  I can also tell you that, nor do his wings "flap up and down" as they are not like the wings of any kind of bird, with the one exception of the enormous wing span of a soaring eagle.  I tried my best to explain it to Jeffery, by also telling him, “They fold up so neatly and so close to His body that you do not even notice them!”  At the time, he didn't even try to visualize what I was saying.

         So, a little more about the chicken. . .  That is, I would also share with you the fact that is where the scriptures also say, (quote), "no evil will befall me, (verse 10) and He (God,) has 'given his angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways!" (verse 11)  I can assure you that He has always "delivered me," and protected me, ever since I can remember.   Even long before I had grown up much at all, my mother had repeatedly told me and taught me that I was to always love my real Father, who was in Heaven. and be sure and "set my love upon Him," and it is He that 'sets me on high!'"   I can assure you that I had some lengthy discussion, talking with God when I was in Heaven; and there are many more discussions that we have had, ever since that time.  As the scriptures have put it,  I have even "known His name!" (Psalms 4:14)  What they are driving at in that verse, is that our objective should always be one of "knowing God" in a very personal way.  This looks like it might be a good point to drop in the third major information page, or Exhibit 3.

            This next illustration is for those who still don't believe it.                    


         This will also help you to understand what has happened:       

The Wisdom of Solomon and many other books of the Apocrypha were all in the first Bible that was ever written;  that was the early Greek version of the Bible which is known as the Septuagint.  You will probably be also very surprised to learn that the first Bibles had always contained the other books of the Apocrypha.  Moreover, as is noted above Exhibit three, many of the martyrs willingly and even cheerfully would give up their lives, rather than forsake or speak against what was written in any of the books of the Apocrypha, or any of the other books of the Bible.  You ask, “Where did I ever get that idea, or that information?” You think it to be true because of the super large smear campaign that has been going on, against the Apocrypha, for the past one hundred years or so.  Nevertheless, here’s the real truth . . .

        In the introduction to The Apocrypha by Goodspeed and Moses Hadas, you will find it explained  that the Apocrypha was only removed from the Bible in the early 1800's.  On page xxv in the introduction Moses Hadas writes that it was removed after being "vigorously protested" by the Edinburgh branch of the English Bible Society.   Moses Hadas wrote the introduction of The Apocrypha by Edgar J. Goodspeed.  He also wrote on "page xxv" in the introduction to "The American Translation of The Apocrypha,” a part that I discovered when I was 40 years old.  It was in 1981, when the Lord led me to uncover these facts.  At that time I found that the content of Chapter 4 in The Wisdom of Solomon definitely tells my own incredible story! The following verses are part of Chapter 4 in the Wisdom of Solomon . . .

          10  "Because he pleased God well, he was loved by Him,  
          11   and when living among sinners he was "taken up!"
          12  He was caught up, (into Heaven, i.e., Paradise, and the Presence of God)
                so that wickedness might not alter his understanding, or guile deceive his soul.
          13  For the spell of wickedness obscures what is good,
                and the instability of desire perverts the innocent mind. 
Being perfected in a little while (by being admitted into Paradise,) he has fulfilled long years.
          14  For his soul pleased the Lord.  Therefore he hurried (him) from the midst of wickedness.  
               The people saw (how much he had changed,) but did not perceive, or take such a thing to heart.
          15  For favor and mercy are with His chosen, and He watches over His saints."
                                                                                                      From The Wisdom of Solomon, Chapter 4
                                                                                                                                                   by Edgar J Goodspeed and Moses Hadas  
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